Mimaki JV400-SUV

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Its finally landed… We’ve just taken delivery of our most advanced and productive printer yet!

Mimaki JV400 Printer





Harrisons Signs has invested in a new Mimaki JV400-SUV wide format printer to meet the increasing customer demand for fast turnaround jobs.

Peter Robinson of Harrisons Signs explained, ‘With our current high workload, we were starting to see production bottle necks which we were keen to eliminate. Having used Mimaki printers since the early years of this century (a JV3 followed by a JV33 that is still providing great service) we eagerly accepted an invitation from PaperlinX to test drive the latest technology in its demonstration suite.’

Ease of use was a key factor in the decision, ‘With similar technology and interface coupled with valuable onsite training, the transition was virtually seamless and delivered almost immediate production benefits.

Of particular interest to Harrisons was the instantly dry print delivered by the new Mimaki JV400-SUV printer. ‘The speed of the whole job is an essential real-world calculation and with this we’ve got new found flexibility. Much of the time, we’re cutting out post-print processes such as laminating which makes us more competitive and efficient.’

Mr Robinson estimates that the business has realised an efficiency gain of around 25% and the new technology has enabled it to offer customers additional services. ‘A 30m print run might previously have taken as long as four and a half hours to output, the new SUV reduces this to around three to three and a half hours, which is a significant time saving,’ he said.

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