Built up and flat cut lettering


Nestle Product Technology Centre flat cut lettering

Flat cut lettering is a cost effective sign option, suitable for a wide range of business environments including;

Here at Harrisons, we are able to offer flat cut lettering manufactured from materials ranging from rigid foam PVC, acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel & MDF. All letters are CNC cut with various finishes available including flame polished  edges, powder coated or wet sprayed to your corporate specification.  Harrisons also supply a range of high quality 3D built up lettering,  again Manufactured in a wide range of materials including aluminium,  stainless steel, brass & copper. Internal illumination can be added to  create a  light HALO around each letter using the latest LED technology.  Or you   can opt for face illumination, both using the latest LED  technology.

CPP logo built up lettering on side of officesMartin and Co, Chelsea built-up lettering