Illuminated Signs, LED Signs and Light Boxes


Nescafe Dolce Gusto illuminated sign
Harrisons offer a wide range of illuminated signs suitable for both internal and external environments, including commercial, office and retail spaces

Light boxes, or sign cases as they’re otherwise known, are generally manufactured from an aluminium back tray  which contains either fluorescent or LED illumination. Opal acrylic face panels can be digitally printed using our direct to substrate printer, or we can apply traditional computer-cut self-adhesive graphics directly onto the face of the lightbox.

York Barbican Centre LED illuminated sign

Chino Thai Lightbox Restaurant Fascia

We also offer flex face systems, meaning that we can cover just about any sized area with a single piece of material,  eliminating the panel join issues which are sometimes associated with acrylic faced light boxes. A full colour digitally printed ‘Skin’ is tensioned around the box to create a seamless and contemporary sign system.

This type of system gives you the flexibility to change the ‘skin’ without the un-necessary cost of replacing the entire system should your business needs change in the future.