Tyre specialists tap into roadside revenue with bespoke Harrisons exterior totem signage.

Being located on the side of a busy road is ideal for a business specialising in tyres. This is exactly why Ian Brown Tyres came to Harrisons with a view to upgrading their exterior signage to raise their kerb appeal and boost passing trade.

To meet Ian Brown Tyres’ needs, Harrisons assembled and installed a large illuminated aluminium totem sign at the road side. This totem is complete with Ian Brown Tyres’ logo as the primary logo, recognisable Michelin and MOT icons, separated by white LED illumination strips.

The construction also houses four colour changing LED displays, capable of displaying live time and temperature information visible up to 200m, with the unique feature of the displays turning from green to blue once the temperature reading drops below a certain level.

Harrisons built and installed every element of this construction, fitting the aluminium signage onto a steel baseplate and tall support pole, ready for Ian Brown Tyres to unveil.

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