Mavericks 80’s bar in Huddersfield recently underwent a branding update in which the exterior and interior signage was replaced. The design changes were subtle enough to ensure that the bar maintained its retro themed identity, while still giving the bar a fresh, updated look.

To achieve this, the bar wanted to go with neon signs affixed to commercial steel mesh backing as the backdrop for both the downstairs and upstairs bars. Due to the close proximity of the signs to the bottles and busy bar staff, a low voltage LED option was chosen. These modern faux neon signs are custom made and are dimmable, allowing a more pleasant work environment for the facing staff.

Faux neon signage is a great alternative option because it provides the same wow factor and eye-catching effect as traditional neon signage, but with some valuable benefits. One benefit is that being low voltage it creates less static and therefore attracts less dust. Traditional neon signs were always a dust magnet and were tricky to clean without risking a possible breakage.

Another benefit of being low voltage, means it is “finger-friendly” to touch. This is an important safety feature, as it means you no longer have to encase low level signs in a protective acrylic case which saves on unnecessary cost.

In terms of value for money, faux neon signage has a life expectancy of thousands of hours. They are also virtually maintenance free so as well, so peace of mind is also an added bonus

Available in multiple colour options, it allows businesses to choose the colours that best match their corporate colours and identity. This can be especially useful for businesses like Maverick’s bar, which has a specific theme and identity that it wants to maintain.

Faux neon signage can be supplied as a “plug and play” option, which makes it easy to install and set up. This is a convenient feature for businesses that want to be able to move their sign from location to location for trade shows, open days and promotions etc.

Faux neon signage is a great alternative to traditional neon signage because it is more robust, cost effective to run with little to no maintenance costs.

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