Minor changes can make a massive difference

As with many of our other educational projects, the focus has always been to create a cohesive signage set with aluminium composite trays with digitally printed text and decoration that is visually appealing, informational and welcoming to pupils and parents alike.

Upgrading the old signage was important to Silcoates School, with the old green, yellow and red seen as too dated and not in keeping with the image the school wish to put across.

Harrisons proposed a new colour for the signage, a stylish dark grey, while maintaining the school’s green colour through the inclusion of a banner.

As well as the new aluminium composite welcome and directional signage, many self-adhesive graphics and vinyls were applied inside the school itself, transforming the internal feel of the school’s buildings.

Harrisons are due to install several magnetic boards at Silcoates School very soon, adding a new dimension to the pupils’ education.

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