Snainton Golf score a perfect round with this unique Harrisons installation.

Golf is seen by many as the sport of business, an image that Snainton Golf aimed to bring their premises into line with through new signage for customers to be welcomed by on arrival.

Harrisons produced 11 individual letters, all with a thickness of 5 centimetres and made from stainless steel, forming an 8 metre long company logo covering the main exterior wall in the company’s car park. Each piece is fixed with aluminium back panels to allow easier and slicker application to the wall upon which the sign sits, providing a more streamlined and visually appealing end product.

The showpiece element of the installation is the figure of a golfer, Snainton Golf’s recognisable company image, made from 7 individual stainless steel components that are specifically assembled to create the towering figure.

The individual elements of this installation were all finished in orange and white, the corporate colours of Snainton Golf, and fitted with halo illumination to provide a recognisable and impactful piece of signage to welcome customers both day and night.

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