3D Signage - Create eye-catching signage

As a specialist built-up signage manufacturer, Harrisons Signs offers a variety of materials to create your 3D sign, combined with different colours, effects and lighting styles. 3D signs are by far the most popular choice of sign, enabling you to create intricate detailing and imposing designs to set your business apart.

Harrisons Signs has decades of experience as a 3D sign manufacturer. We can produce letters in a variety of materials and face finishes, with the depth of the letters specified for customised effects. With our 3D sign manufacturing skills and experience, we can provide all the exciting, unique-looking signage your business needs.

Flat cut lettering - a cost-effective sign option, suitable for a wide range of business environments.

Here at Harrisons Signs, we offer flat cut lettering manufactured from materials ranging from rigid foam PVC, acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel and MDF to create just the look you want. All letters are router CNC cut so we can produce the exact style of lettering you require for your brand.

Acrylic Signs - ideal for internal & external use

Made from hard-wearing plastic, acrylic signs are the perfect choice for both interior and exterior use. Harrisons Signs is a leading acrylic sign designer, offering clear, frosted or coloured opaque acrylic signs, all manufactured using only high-quality materials, such as Altuglas® and Perspex®.

All acrylic sign panels are CNC cut to your specified size. Clear panels can be finished with polished edges to achieve the appearance of glass. We can apply self-adhesive to the rear of your acrylic signs for wall fixing or, for best results, provide stand-off fixings that create the look of a floating sign on your wall.

Stand-off fixings are available in various finishes, including silver anodised, polished chrome, or brushed stainless steel – and in a range of colours.