Illuminated signage can be a high impact way of grabbing the attention of your customers, and Harrisons Signs is an industry recognised experienced illuminated signage designer and manufacturer, offering a wide range of interior illuminated signs and illuminated exterior signage for sectors including commercial, office and retail spaces.

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Whether LED signs, fluorescent signs, neon signs or LED window displays; illuminated signage can have a number of big benefits:

  • Get your brand seen: high visibility, attention grabbing signage to attract customers and passing footfall
  • Built to last: a long-lasting and robust signage option less likely to be degraded by time and weather in the same way as printed signage
  • Round the clock visibility: your sign will still be proudly displaying 24/7
  • Enhanced brand perception: A sophisticated, high impact custom LED light signs can set your brand apart from the competition and enhance the reputation of your business
  • Make an impact: Flat graphics can only achieve so much, by adding sign lighting to the design can make your sign come alive

Light Box Sign

Light boxes, light box signs or sign cases as they’re otherwise known, are generally manufactured from an aluminium back tray, which contains either fluorescent or LED light box illumination. Opal acrylic face panels can be digitally printed using our direct-to-substrate printer, or we can apply traditional computer-cut self-adhesive graphics directly onto the face of the light up sign box.

Face-lit Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letters are fitted with LED lighting which shines directly through the signage material, giving a bold pop to the colours and content of your sign, one of the reasons they are one the most popular types of illuminated sign on the market today.

Halo Lit Signs

Halo illumination, also known as back-lit signs, utilise LED light strips around the exterior of a sign to create a striking glow around the perimeter of the sign.

LED Window Display

Illuminated window displays and illuminated cabinets can be the perfect tool for high street business, such as estate agents, to capture the interest and attention of passing footfall.

Externally Lit Signs

This is typically illuminated exterior signage which is lit by an external light source, usually by lights or lamps which are either mounted to the bottom of the sign to create a lighting feature, or can be hidden within an integrated unit as part of the sign design.

See how illuminated signage can help your brand stand out with our range of case studies.


With so many options of illuminated signs and illuminated displays, the right choice really comes down to your brand and what you want to achieve. Rest assured, our expert team is on hand to guide you through the process, understand your vision and create the right custom LED sign or custom neon sign for you.

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