Totem Signage

Totem signage is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers as they pass by, enabling you to showcase the location of your business and explain what you do. Totem signs are often used to show directions, list the businesses located in an industrial estate or simply promote the name of a company. Illuminated totem signs can also be a valuable addition to your site to ensure your promotional or instructional signage can be seen at night.

As a totem sign supplier, our designers can create a totem sign that’s custom-made for your business. We can manufacture totem signs and illuminated totem signs in aluminium or stainless steel, and your sign can be powder coated in a colour of your choice to suit your branding. Take a look through our case studies to see for yourself.

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Wayfinding & Directional Signage

Wayfinding signage and directional signage is an important way to guide your customers, visitors and staff around your site or premises; helping to enhance the convenience, safety and overall experience of your visitors.

We are specialists in the planning, design, manufacture and installation of wayfinding signage and directional signage across a diverse range of sectors and applications, including campus wayfinding signage, school wayfinding signage, park wayfinding signage, hotel directional signage and fire directional signage.

Campus Wayfinding Signage

Whether school wayfinding signage or signage for a college, university or academy – appropriate directional signage is a vital consideration when it comes to the successful running of an educational institution. We work with a number of the country’s leading schools and universities to provide a one-stop-shop for their school wayfinding signage and campus wayfinding signage requirements.

Park Wayfinding Signage

Signage is essential for visitors to successfully navigate large spaces, such as parks, gardens and tourist attractions. Park wayfinding signage can ensure visitors find their way around with convenience and ease.

Hotel Directional Signage

Hotel visitors want to be able to easily explore the many features and functions of the hotel they are visiting and hotel directional signage is an essential way of achieving this.

Fire Directional Signage

Fire directional signage is an essential and mandatory requirement for any commercial premises. Fire exits and fire exit routes, as well as fire assembly points must be clearly displayed on fire directional signage.

Whether you need internal or external wayfinding signs, Harrisons Signs can produce bespoke directional signage for your business. As a leading wayfinding sign manufacturer, we can create signs to be wall mounted, freestanding or fitted onto posts, as required. We can also produce modular systems that can easily be updated if areas or departments move within your premises.

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