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‘Hudson Rocket’ wins Best Design at Micklegate Run 2019

27th August 2019

The Micklegate Run is York’s annual August Bank Holiday event which sees several teams build a soap box style vehicle and race down the steep and cobbled Micklegate in York city centre.

Getting ‘The Hudson Rocket’ down the Micklegate Run was an achievement driven by Yorkshire based ideas and talents, being born out of a joint project involving many local businesses including: Fuse Studios who designed the Rocket, Caddick Construction who provided the starter, as well as Palace Capital and Ideas Group. Hudson Quarter provided the original soap box from which Harrisons Signs made the final soap box, as well as named and sponsored the Rocket for her journey down the run.

Following Fuse Studios’ concept art, Harrisons Signs stripped an old flame emblazoned soap box, supplied by Hudson Quarter, setting to work on producing and assembling new exterior cladding resembling the iconic steam locomotive Mallard ready to fit to the chassis of the soap box.

As expected, the Rocket was one of the star attractions, a huge cheer going up for Team 33 as Jodie of Caddick Construction set the Rocket on her way! Among an electric atmosphere in the roasting August Bank Holiday sunshine, the Rocket shot effortlessly down the run, finishing the two runs inside the top 10 with an average time time of 37.84 seconds.

The Rocket didn’t take the overall title, but won Best Design of Cart from the entire field!

Congratulations to all the other businesses involved in this great project and thank you to all those that lined the streets to see the Micklegate Run’s best designed soap box of 2019!

To see the Hudson Rocket in action down the Micklegate Run, click HERE!

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