Illuminated signage is a proven way of drawing attention to your brand and in return, adds a more perceived value to your products or service. Here at Harrisons we are experts in the field of illuminated signage and automatically offer a hand holding approach on all projects. We will make suggestions and offer advice on which of the various styles will work best with your message or logo based on your chosen location for the sign.

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An illuminated sign is a quality investment which suggests you are serious about your business and the products or service you offer

Greatly enhanced visibility for people passing on the road and for customers and clients finding you for the first time in highly populated condensed areas

The most cost-effective form of advertising possible. A well-made illuminated sign costs pence per day to run and could be seen by thousands of new people each day

The original reason for an illuminated sign “Shows you are open for business”

A well-made lit sign with quality materials should virtually run maintenance free for years. Our Led’s come with a 5 year warranty

Fascia signs

Fascia signs or shop front signs are very flexible and can be fully illuminated or partly illuminated depending on your branding or budget. Usually made from aluminium they are strong and robust and can be powder coated to any colour option. Fascia signs are a powerful, visible advertisement of your business and can create the right impression before anyone has entered the premises

Individual letters face lit

Pretty self-explanatory where the light shines through the front or face of the letter. This type of letter is used where maximum impact is required and is a particular favourite for brand management and locations with poor visibility. Lots of colour options available for the lighting and the letters themselves and different metal finishes as well

Individual letters halo lit

The word halo describes the shroud of light that shines around the outside back edge of the letter. Often used where a more subtle effect is required or may be preferred in more residential areas. Lots of colour options available for the lighting and the letters themselves and different metal finishes as well

Externally lit signs

This option describes a non illuminated sign of any type that is illuminated by a separate light source usually above the sign or below it. Trough lights as they are known can be powder coated to match your sign and form a well thought out scheme. Individual “Swan Neck” type spot lights are also popular depending on the design and location

See how illuminated signage can help your brand stand out with our range of case studies.


With so many options of illuminated signs and illuminated displays, the right choice really comes down to your brand, its location and what you want to achieve. Rest assured, our expert team is on hand to guide you through the process, understand your vision and create the right custom LED sign or custom neon sign for you.

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